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1. What is You, Baby and I?

You, Baby and I is the holdings company for Momsays. The brand started its journey as a parenting blog in 2014 and became a company in 2015. Our goal is to help new moms through the journey of motherhood by providing services and products that help you be the best version of yourself.

2. What is Momsays?

Momsays was created to help moms find the right products the first time. Our aim is to help you build the ultimate essential list of products you need for yourself and your family while giving you the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands in the industry. You will have an opportunity to review products for brands, be part of focus groups or attend VIP events.

3. Does it cost me anything?

No, our service is free for our users. All product reviews will also be sent to you free of charge.

4. I'm new to Momsays. Why do I need to rate so many products?

There are 2 reasons for this. The first one is to help build your influence on the platform which gives you opportunities to work with brands (your ratings help us match you with the right brands) and earn rewards. The second is to help other moms especially our pregnant moms to be find the right products they need based on your recommendations and experiences. Motherhood can be a very overwhelming journey, we want to create a safe place for you to share your product experiences without being judged.

5. How should I use Love, neutral, regret?

Love – If you have the product and absolutely enjoy it! Best decision you made. Neutral – You not really sure how you feel just yet about it. Regret – You wish you never bought it.

6. I'm expecting. What if I don't have any opinions yet?

Congratulations! You are free to create a list of products on our website you are considering purchasing for your baby. You are also welcome to apply for campaigns that are looking for pregnant moms to be.

7. I don’t see the product I’m looking for. What do I do?

You are more than welcome to suggest a product(s) by clicking here

8. What is an example of a campaign, do I need to be a professional writer?

You don’t need to be a journalist or a blogger to be a momfluencer on Momsays. The campaign will consist of your review (an honest in-dept experience with the product) and a few social media shares. Sometimes you will be invited to attend an event, depending on the location. You won’t be penalized if you didn’t like the product because your honesty will help brands improve however all negative reports will be sent to the brand for evaluation.

9. I haven't gotten an invite to review a product yet. Did I do something wrong?

We try to match the best brands with your lifestyle and your kids age group. So, it may depend on what campaigns are available, also how often you engage on the platform.

10. What types of products or services are available to review?

We have a variety of brands that are interested in working with you! From diapers, wipes to cars!

11. How does the Momsays rewards program work?

The rewards program is based on how engaged you are on the platform. Every comment or product you review, you earn points which will eventually unlock rewards for you like merchandise or coupon codes to use in stores. The Momfluencer rewards program will be launching soon.

12. What is a Momsays approved product?

If you see a stamp of approval on any products on the website, it means that our panel of experts which includes our reviewers has approved the product as a must-have. Momsays stamps are only given to brands who have received more than 90% of positive reviews from our users.

13. What is Momsays awards all about?

The Momsays awards will happen every year end to find the best brands in the country and celebrate them based on reviews and recommendations on the platform. We will also have a category for our Momfluencers on the platform.

14. I’m not ready to reveal I’m pregnant yet. Can I hide my profile?

You can edit your profile under settings.

15. I don’t live in South Africa; can I still join?

Unfortunately, Momsays is only opened to South Africans at the moment.

16. How can I contact Momsays?

For any queries, email [email protected]

17. I work for a brand or company. How can I work with Momsays?

We have many packages for brands and mompreneurs available, please check under Contact Us for more information or email [email protected].

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